About Us

Non Transnational - Non Traditional - Highly Effective

KV Recruitment is owned, operated and managed by Beth King - https://www.linkedin.com/in/bking4/  - Successful recruitment expert who truly cares about the client and candidate's experience and relentlessly "owns" our responsibility to deliver not only qualified candiates but results! 

Many of our team work behind the scenes researching, analyzing and organizing data & information, creating a road map that takes us to the most relevant candidates for ANY requirement.  Connecting the right passive prospect or referral with a well-informed client brand ambassador develops a flow of motivated, well informed and truly qualified candidates that are "matched" in more ways than one.    

This is what it takes to realize consistent, quality hires!!! 

This is what KV delivers to each and every search.   

What You Can Expect From Us  

  • Targeted, intelligent SEARCH
  • Honest, high touch representation for clients and candidates alike
  • Low maintenance service & communication
  • Flexible services tailored to compliment your processes, needs & budget
  • Partnership - We happily provide all contact information, profiles & facts
  • "We can do that attitude" - From testing to replacement, if we can say yes to something you need we will 

How We Scale - NPA Worldwide -  http://npaworldwide.com/ - Members of the oldest and most respected split placement network in the world we have the opportunity call upon thousands of highly skilled recruiters, experienced and connected with talent in all disciplines ALL over the world.

Interesting Fact - Less than one in one hundred people who become employed in third party recruitment can make a career out of it.   Most of those who do succeed typically go out on their own - Our membership in NPAWorldwide is a direct, well managed connection to those successful individuals who have what it takes. While our clients and candidates only hear from us.