Contingency Search


Direct Recruitment Experts

We offer a formula that reaches more of the right types of candidate in less time—profiling the right type of candidate, connecting with them professionally and converting over 90% of interested passive prospects into candidates.  

How do we do it?

Leveraging our network, screening for the fit and knowing when we have found it. We act as true brand ambassadors for our client companies to honestly promote the entire opportunity.  

However, it is the way we manage the candidate experience and partner with your hiring managers (without overwhelming or bothering them) that makes us different. Yes, there is a secret sauce, and it is as intangible as everything else about recruitment; but process, tenacity, patience and most of all experience are all things you can count on with KV.

Need to expedite your search?

Ask about our Retained Search Program  -  Like everything else we do a little bit different; more cost effective, flexible and reliable than any competitor we know of. 

Call 310-882-2888 and ask for Beth King to discuss options to meet every need.