Retained Search

Prioritized, Preferred Partnership

Retaining KV Recruitment for your search does a number of things to expedite and enhance the entire process. 

  • Places your requirement (s) in a priority status, allocating our most senior and experienced team members
  • Provides additional resources for sourcing & networking 
  • Dramatically improves quality candidate interest increasing  credibility for all parties

No Lock In

While our competitors demand fees for candidates you may hire  that came to you by any other means and seek to control or impact areas of the search you may not want outsourced.  

KV Recruitment does none of the above.

  • Retainer fees may be applied to any search
  • No charge if your search is cancelled, postponed or filled by any other means
  • Fees returned in full if you are not completely satisfied

If you seek to hire highly skilled, relevant and experienced individuals with a proven track record, that rare and illusive candidate is sought after by many, many other employers.

Human capital is "the" rocket fuel for growth, retained search the boost that provides your edge. 

Call Beth King today on 415-944-8767 for more information on our flexible options.